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Trophy Tarpon Fishing in Florida: What You Need to Know

When it comes to tarpon fishing in the state of Florida, you won’t find any shortage of major fishing charters more than happy to take you out on of the waters and show you just what the great state of Florida has to offer. In fact, some of the best tarpon fishing in the world can be found off the southern part of the state, and amongst the many Florida keys.

This popular sports fish attracts anglers from all around the world who love its incredible fight and its impressive size. While it is possible to find these fish year-round, they do tend to migrate heavily which means there are definitely certain months which are better than others. In this case it is all about the warm water. The months of April through June tend to be the best when going after tarpon. However, depending on the season is possible to get some seriously good results during an unseasonably warm February or even out of the fall as far as October depending on if the weather conditions prove conducive. (more…)

Fishing Tarpon In Florida Isn’t Too Hard

You can work with fishing Tarpon in Florida if you know how to prepare for it. There are quite a few options to choose from if you know what to look for. Here are some great ways to go fishing and enjoy yourself the most.

You have to get the right kind of gear to go fishing with. The key here is to have a rod that can handle the fish you’re after, and if you’re not sure of what to get then you need to look into it further before heading out. The right kind of bait or lures should be looked into as well. One way to learn more is to head over to a fishing store near where you’ll be looking for Tarpon. They should be able to tell you what is needed and where they hear the best spots to fish are.

You can get a lot of information about fishing through a guide. They make tour guides that you can bring with you or go on a tour with that will show you all of the well and lesser known areas where you can catch this kind of fish. They may even be able to fish with you and show you how it’s done. This is great for beginners, and if you want to do all the work yourself just let them know and they can walk you through what to do because they should be skilled in the area enough to help. My good friend owns a tree service company, and he says it’s the only way he’ll fish an out of town area.

Once you can prepare for a trip where you are fishing Tarpon in Florida, you can enjoy yourself that much more. As there are so many options, you want to think through each one. After that it should be clear what will work and what you need to avoid.

Why You Should Go Fishing For Tarpon In Florida

If you would like to go fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, there is one fish there is very unique and fun to catch which is called a tarpon. They have beautiful silver scales, and can actually grow to a size of eight feet in length, especially those that are in the ocean. These fish can actually weigh as much as 280 pounds, making them an extreme catch to share on social media if you are lucky enough to land one. Here are ways that you can book a charter to take you out on the Atlantic and hopefully land one of these beautiful fish.

Tarpon Are Not Unique To The Atlantic

These fish are actually not segregated just in the Atlantic Ocean. They can be found in many different areas, stretching from Brazil all the way up to Virginia. If you are in the Gulf of Mexico, you will probably see them if you are on a Caribbean vacation. Likewise, people in Japan, Australia, and even parts of Asia will see these fish out in the waters. They can be located in rivers and streams as well, as different species can interact in freshwater. To find a charter to take you out on the ocean to catch one of these large fish, you can find great discounts on the web that you know where to look. (more…)

Fishing Tarpon in Florida

Tarpon can be found in places where there is a steady supply of food. When fishing off the coast, it is good to look for large groups of birds crashing down on bait ponds. In most cases, you will find that the bait pods will be shadowed by large tarpon.

The tarpons will stay outside the pod waiting for any fish that tries to leave the pod. Fishing in off the shore can at times be challenging especially if you do not what to look for. Inshore bait, on the other hand, depends on the water movement and structure. The best places to find tarpon are areas near bridges.

Tarpons can be found in areas having lots of tidal movement of water. Tarpons are not ambush feeders they are active feeders. This means that they need an active bait and lure presentation. This means that a lively lure or baitfish will have more strikes compared to a subtle lure or dead fish presentation.

The top tarpon baits are Pin fish and live baits. Put a circle hook through the upper lip of a large pinfish then freeline the bait. Retrieve the bait into the path of the fish. When the fish (more…)

Why Fishing Tarpon In Florida Is Fun

There is a species of fish that is native to the Atlantic Ocean, one that is called a tarpon. They are also found in areas such as Southeast Asia, Australia, and also in the waters off the coast of Tahiti. Their ability to survive in brackish water, as well as saltwater and freshwater, make them one of the most unique fish on the planet. Many people will fish for them in freshwater marshes, and also rivers, depending upon what area of the world they are in. If you are traveling to Florida, you might want to consider taking a boating trip out on to the Atlantic to do some tarpon fishing. Here is an overview of this fish, why it is fun to go fishing for them, and where you can find a charter boat in Florida that can help you accomplish this goal.

Interesting Distinctions About Tarpon

In addition to their ability to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, they are also known to come up above the water to take a gulp of air. They do so to give themselves an extra burst of energy, something that many fish are not known to do. They are bluish or greenish in color, completely covered with silvery scales with the exception of their head. They have adipose eyelids, and very prominent lower jaws, making them very distinctive. They are a popular fish that people go after if you are in Florida. Now let’s look at how you can find a way to charter a boat for fishing Tarpon in Florida.

Booking A Charter For Tarpon Fishing

The easiest way to find a book that you can charter that will let you go fishing for Tarpon is to simply check the local paper or the Internet. You can often find coupons that will allow you to get a large percentage off, especially if you are going out for an entire day. Find out more about these fishing expeditions for this unique fish that so many people have so much fun fishing for because of their unique appearance and bizarre activities that make them difficult to catch.

Hello Tarpon Lovers

Hello – my name is John but most people call me Captain since I’m always out on the water fishing! I love to fish – especially for Tarpon. Here in Florida, we have great weather year-round to fish, and in this blog I hope to share some of my fishing tips. Enjoy!